How You Can Whiten Your Teeth and Get Rid of Bad Breath This 2019 —Without Trying All The Teeth Whitening Products In The Market. 

There's something that makes us feel inferior to other people. And sometimes it's not their wealth or beauty.  

Heck! It is not even their achievements, their job, or whether they are married or not.  

Sometimes, the thing that makes you feel inferior is something far less than other people's social class or the beautiful pictures you see on social media.  

Most times, it's something as SIMPLE as bad breath  

Here's a question for you...  

When was the last time you talked to someone without feeling self-conscious about the smell of your mouth?  

I am NOT talking about talking to someone on the phone or from across the road.  

I am talking about standing face to face with someone while talking to them without feeling like they're going to be irritated by your smelly mouth.  

I have been there. My friends would be talking on topics in public, and I hardly ever contribute, and it's not because I am not knowledgeable or don't know what to say, but I've got bad breath.  

I became conscious of it when I was 16. I tried brushing my teeth with many homemade remedies such as baking soda and warm water, and my bad breath was getting worse.  

I tried different mouthwash, chewing sticks, and some expensive tubes of toothpaste that was only wiping away my money.

I used to move around everywhere with mint chewing gums and sweets.  

This experience made me develop an inferiority complex.I would spend hours brushing my teeth till my gum bleeds.  

This struggle is something a lot of people have experienced too.  

Here's a fact…  

Every single person on earth WAKES up with mouth odour —But most people can easily get rid of their mouth odour once they brush their mouth with the conventional toothpaste.  

For other people, no amount of Oral B, Close Up, Macleans, and Colgate is going to change their bad breath.  

So what's a poor person like you who has tried all the toothpaste in the market to do?  

If you've been buying expensive toothpaste and mouthwashes just because they came with ridiculously high price tags, chances are, you are wasting your money.  

Here's why…  

Most of the expensive toothpaste you spend your money on is just regular toothpaste with a high price tag.  

The manufacturers know how desperate you are to get rid of your bad breath, that's why they repackage a regular toothpaste with lots of gimmicks and fads, set a high price for it just to rip you off.  

But not anymore!

What if I told you could get rid of your bad breath just as easy as brushing your teeth in the morning?  

What if I told you you could throw away all those toxic mouthwashes that you do everything but work?  

What if I told you that bad breath could be a thing of the past for you?  

If you are finally ready to speak without feeling self-conscious about your bad breath…  

Then you need…  

Norland Herbal Toothpaste.

We both know the struggle of having to chew mint gums every minute or brushing our teeth with a harsh substance that promised to work, but DIDN'T work.  

You know how stressful and uncomfortable that can be?  

But not anymore!  

The Norland Herbal Toothpaste is made just for you if you are looking to:

  • Polish your teeth      
  • Be free from bad mouth odour      
  • You want a strong new set of teeth      
  • You want fresh breath      
  • You want to be free from teeth problems

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2 month's treatment (2 Norland tubes): 280 GHC

3 month's treatment(3 Norland tubes): 400 GHC

4 month's treatment(4 Norland tubes): 500 GHC

6 month's treatment(6 Norland tubes): 700 GHC

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Tell me if any of this sounds familiar:        

  •  You have tried different kinds of oral care products, but your bad breath keeps getting worse each day.    
  • You notice your friends stay really far from you whenever you are talking.     
  • You want to finally be able to say goodbye to that horrible mouth odour for good     
  • You want to feel free knowing you can finally throw away those mouthwashes and chewing gum    
  • You want to feel free, socialize and get into intimate relationships again without being scared of being embarrassed by the smell of your breath    
  • You want to stop spending heaps of money on products that only “mask” the problem And finally, you want to be able to fix the root cause of your bad breath once and for all.

Does any of that sound familiar?  

You may not be AWARE, but the teeth whitening and bad breath products you've been buying could actually help whiten or stop your bad breath if you start using it on time.  

But Norland Herbal Toothpaste doesn't care how long you've had your bad breath or if you had your yellowish teeth since you were a kid, it simply penetrates deep down and eliminates the causative agent of yellow teeth and bad breath.  

It's time to say bye-bye to your bad breath and brown teeth.  

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Today only:

2 month's treatment (2 Norland tubes): 280 GHC

3 month's treatment(3 Norland tubes): 400 GHC

4 month's treatment(4 Norland tubes): 500 GHC

6 month's treatment(6 Norland tubes): 700 GHC

 (Free Delivery plus Payment on Delivery)


You're backed by our 30-day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose except a clear and radiant skin if you don't buy these products today.

If for any reason at all, you're not completely satisfied, get in touch with us, and you will be given a complete refund.   

It's that simple….No questions asked!    

100% of our buyers said they were satisfied. Here's what a few of them are saying:  

"I now have so much more confidence” “I’ve been following your advert on various online platform and my bad breath has completely disappeared. I now have so much more confidence because I can speak to people face to face without worrying about what kind of odour is coming out of my mouth! I have asked my brother for a breath test and he says the change has been massive. Thanks for putting such a wonderful product."

- Cynthia Yeboah


"My wife is happy to kiss me again!!” “I’m so relieved that I have finally found something that works! And not just for me. For all the people who suffer from this, because it really can ruin a person’s life. After using this your product, my breath became noticeably better within just a few hours. My wife is happy to kiss me again!!” 



“An absolute godsend”  “James, your product was an absolute godsend. I used it as instructed and it is really wonderful… WORKS GREAT and POWERFUL. I’ve been using it as you said and my breath is NO MORE!. I’m so grateful.”

From Stella in Lagos.

“You are a Lifesaver!” “I started using your product just 2 days ago but the difference has been astounding. There’s a girl I’ve wanted to ask out on a date for months but I was so paranoid about my breath. I couldn’t risk the rejection. I finally feel confident enough to go for it. Watch this space!!”


Frank  from Kumasi

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Today only:

2 month's treatment (2 Norland tubes): 280 ghc

3 month's treatment(3 Norland tubes): 400 ghc

4 month's treatment(4 Norland tubes): 500 ghc

6 month's treatment(6 Norland tubes): 700 ghc

 (Free Delivery plus Payment on Delivery)

OUR GUARANTEE: This Norland Herbal Toothpaste Essence does more than make you have the the freshest breath and whitest teeth ever. It does it with so much convenience and style. You will notice the difference! 

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